12 Of The Best Longboarding Waves For Surfers

12 Of The Best Longboarding Waves For Surfers

Snag surf across the globe with this selection of waves ideal for longboard surfers.

A longboard can be a life-saver to score waves.

Having a longboard in your quiver to snag surf on those smaller days not only obviates frustration in variable conditions, but they’re equally great to ‘turn and burn’ on in slightly larger surf.

Added to this, armed with a longboard, one can sit further out back to catch the waves earlier and have plenty of time to perfect your nose-riding in the process.

Whether you’re an ardent hang-tenner, or just wishing to dust off your longboard for a cruisey session with pals, this selection of waves should sate your longboarding appetites across the globe.

Batu-Bolong. Bali, Indonesia

Batu-Bolong.  Bali, Indonesia. 12 of the Best Longboarding Waves For Surfers

Due to the long rights that peel along the lava reef, this spot is beloved by longboarders.

However, since it stays fat and friendly, it’s also beloved by beginners. Beware of flying foamies.

The biggest challenge?

Burning black sand, and beginners bouncing off boards.

Lafiténia. France

Lafiténia, France. 12 of the Best Longboarding Waves For Surfers

Nestled in the Côte d’Argent (Silver Coast) lies a wealth of waves and Lafiténia doesn’t disappoint: offering a stella righthand pointbreak.

After the steep start, there are several intriguing sections allowing for cruisey cutbacks.

The biggest challenge?

With the Quiksilver European headquarters right in front, there’s pretty much nay chance of finding it uncrowded.

Hainan Island. China

Darci Liu. Hainan Island, China 12 of the Best Longboarding Waves For Surfers

The second largest island in China after Taiwan, Hainan offers a ton of mellow left point breaks.

Surf-wise, the area isn’t extensively explored, offering some rugged, remote surfing with the dramatic backdrop of volcanic mountains.

The biggest challenge?

Tricky to travel without a guide and some areas are off-limits.

Ribeira d’IIhas. Ericera, Portugal

Ribeira d’Ilhas, Portugal. 12 of the Best Longboarding Waves For Surfers

Ericera’s Ribeira d’Ilhas is a consistent right, producing waves that can grind all the way from the Pontinha to the beach.

If you score it uncrowded, it’s a longboarder’s wet dream.

The biggest challenge?

A few urchins and often a fair number of people in the water.

First Point. Malibu, U.S.A.

First Point, Malibu. 12 of the Best Longboarding Waves For Surfers

Malibu is possibly the most famous longboard wave in the world.

It has three separate take-off zones, works on all tides and delivers a perfectly shaped wave.

The biggest challenge?

Fame brings crushing crowds. Added to this, bacterial pollution is a real issue leaving surfers with eye and ear infections. The rashes and respiratory illness due to the pollution are incongruous with the traditionally glamorous image of surfing Malibu.

Scorpion Bay. Baja California, Mexico

Scorpion Bay. Baja, Mexico. 12 of the Best Longboarding Waves For Surfers

Long, peeling rights reward a bumpy ride to this spot.

When swell is big enough, it can link up the seven various points to create rides of up to 2km.

The biggest challenge?

Access. It’s advisable to drive here in a 4×4. It can also suffer from long flat spells, with expensive camping.

Queens. Hawaii, U.S.A.

Queens, Hawaii. 12 of the Best Longboarding Waves For Surfers

On the south shore of Hawaii lies Queens, a break offering lengthy rides with plenty of time to perfect your hang-ten.

The biggest challenge?

Surviving: getting mowed down by a soft top is a real danger here. Since Queens doesn’t like a big swell, this spot is super crowded due to the mellow nature of the wave.

Chicama. Peru

Chicama, Peru. 12 of the Best Longboarding Waves For Surfers

We’ve all seen images of these long, tantalisingly empty, slightly feathering walls.

Renowned as the world’s longest left, Chicama is a true leg-stinger of a wave. You’ll be gasping for a temporary channel after snapping along the endless walls.

The biggest challenge?

Trying to paddle against the current, it’s easier to get out and walk back to the take-off zone.

Cardiff. California, U.S.A.

Cardiff, California. 12 of the Best Longboarding Waves For Surfers

Paddle out here for long rides with a consistently good wave shape.

The biggest challenge?

Finding parking.

Inch Reef. County Kerry, Ireland

Inch Reef, Ireland. 12 of the Best Longboarding Waves For Surfers

Inch reef rarely works, but when it turns on, it’s one of the longest waves in the country, peeling for 400 metres or more.

This right-hander is plagued by a strong rip almost as famous as the wave itself, but once you’re on the wave, expect a super-long ride.

The biggest challenge?

Getting in (and out) can be a little precarious.

Lazy Left. Sri Lanka

Lazy Left, Sri Lanka. 12 of the Best Longboarding Waves For Surfers

This super mellow left-hander peels over a deep reef.

Sri Lanka is often likened to a more mellow version of Indonesia, and this cruisey wave is tribute to that.

As the name suggests, it offers long lazy lines to noseride.

The biggest challenge?

When the first wave of a big set washes beginners on the inside, you’ll have to have your wits about you to dodge a (now) beginner-crowded inside section crammed with bodies and boards.

Crescent Head. NSW, Australia

Crescent Head, NSW, Australia. 12 of the Best Longboarding Waves For Surfers

Offering awfully long rides that break along the length of a boulder-strewn bay.

Often the waves peel for hundreds of metres causing serious jelly-leg syndrome.

The biggest challenge?

Dodging the rocks, crowds and rip currents.

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