Autumn Accessories for the Surf

Autumn Accessories for the Surf

Being prepared means you can brave the cold, which brings many benefits. Say hello to empty waves…

Winter is coming, and chilly surf sessions await.

Braving the cold brings many benefits: a blizzard ridden beach is most likely to be devoid of other surfers. Plus, ordering these bits now means you’ll be ready for the wintery months ahead of time, and be on call for any autumn icy morning dawnies.

Hello empty line ups.

1. A Hooded wetsuit


Xcel's Hooded Wetsuit - BUY HERE

Neoprene will save you, especially if you go for a hooded and a zipperless suit to prevent icy water flushing through.

Although you’ll look like a sleek condom, a hood keeps your head warm and reduces blustery wind whistling through your ears.

Opt for a quick drying suit, and ideally, go for the best 5mm/6mm wetsuit you can afford.

You’ll thank yourself in the line up when you’ve got a toasty torso.

Buy Here

2. Decent booties


Keep feet toasty with Rip Curl's 5mm Flashbombs - BUY HERE

Your extremities are always the first to go, and once you’ve lost the feeling in your feet, the session is over.

A pop-up is like moving lumps of leaden ice onto your board.

Invest in a pair of booties to keep riding regardless.

buy here

3. Gloves

Surf Mitts

O'Neill's 5mm Mitts - BUY HERE

These cozy mittens are perfect to keep paws toasty enough to keep paddling onto icy slabs.

They’ll regulate your body temperature, whilst you regulate the line-up.

Buy Here

4. Ear plugs

Ear Plugs

Surf Ears - BUY HERE

Prevent against surfers ear (an agonising abnormal bone growth in the ear as a result of too much exposure to cold air and water) by investing in a decent pair of plugs.

Surf Ears are a good option: protecting your ears without affecting hearing or balance.


5. Lip Balm


Harraw! are an ideal choice for an eco-friendly rider - BUY HERE

The wind and cold weather cause cracks, so load up your lips with a slathering of moisture.

There is nothing sultry about a pair of cracked lips – and your other half will thank you later.

Harraw balms are cruelty free, vegan, contain SPF to stop any winter sun sizzling your lips (it’s out there!) and they smell so damn good.


6. Surf Watch


Rip Curl's Search Watch - BUY HERE

If you’re a surf nerd, a nifty surf watch is best for stats: rack up your wave count, track your top speed/distance and check the tides.

Don’t fancy splashing out?

Opt for something more simple, if only to answer the most common question in the line up – “what time is it?”


7. Surf Changing Robe


Billabong's Indigo Hoodie Towel - BUY HERE

As the wind knives into you in the car park, you’ll be thanking the towelling gods if you’ve got a poncho to shimmy and shake out of your wetsuit, whilst still retaining a semblance of modesty.

Don this tropical printed robe, to evoke summer vibes (even if it’s freezing out).

Buy Here

8. Down Jacket

Big Agnes

Big Agnes' Down Jackets - BUY HERE

Post-surf, peel off the wet rubber suit and engulf yourself in a toasty down jacket.

Big Agnes do a beauty. This one is made with Down-Tek, a sustainably-sourced down that’s made water resistant by re-introducing the down’s own lipids in nano-form.

Plus, the outer shell is wind and water resistant – perfect for loading surf boards onto the roof on blustery dawn patrols.

Buy Here

9. Flask of tea/coffee


Passenger Clothing's Stainless Steel Water Bottle - BUY HERE

There’s nothing better than knowing you’ve got a hot brew in the car when you’re freezing in the line up.

Passenger plant a tree with every order, and their flasks are designed for hot and cold use.

Plus, you’ll help reduce the amount of plastic bottles consumed if you plump for using it as a regular water bottle too.
Buy Here

Winter Waves

Armed with these goodies, you can (most importantly) stay in the line up for longer.

Best of all, is the comforting thought as you plunge into an icy duck dive or shiver your way back to the car is that hot mug of tea, just waiting.

Empty waves and steaming cups of tea? Winter waves can be pure bliss.

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