Stylish Surf Rash Guards For Women

Stylish Surf Rash Guards For Women

Because a red-raw burnt back just ain’t sassy.

If you’re surfing in a tropical location, you’ll need to come prepared to protect against the sun.

Sure, you can don a bikini and slather on sunscreen – but if out in the lineup for hours on end (and when in Bali/Panama/Costa Rica – you certainly will be) you’ll need to be sun-smart.

Those shoulders and arms will take a beating from the harsh rays, especially if they’ve been wrapped up in wetsuit neoprene for a while. Added to this, most surf vests look naff (like you’re paddling out with a surf school) and tend to sag in all the wrong spots.

Hence, here’s our favourite surf rash guards to stay stylish, for girls that rip.

Salt Gypsy


Salt Gypsy Turtleneck Rashguard - PRE ORDER

You’ll be all starry-eyed over this stylish print: a deep navy studded with stars. The long sleeve turtleneck crop offers sun protection for the thinnest part of our skin: our neck and décolletage, and best of all, it’s made from recycled salvaged plastic from the ocean.

Team up with the gold bottoms to look like a young Brigitte Bardot.

Plus, if you’re feeling the purse strings are rather tight, Salt Gypsy offer the option to pay in 4 interest-free fortnightly payments.

Pre-order for €72


Finisterre surf top

Finisterre Cayton Rashguard Curl Print - BUY HERE

These guys are leading the charge in eco-friendly gear, and this rash-vest is no exception made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials – including discarded fishing nets.

It’s highly resistant to suncreams, salt water and chlorine. Added to this, it’s breathable, quick drying, and the wave design is simple, yet chic.

Buy here for €66

The Seea


The Seea Hermosa Swim Shirt Nopal - BUY HERE

In glassy hues reminiscent of a hazy sunset session, this rash-vest is ideal for paddling out but also to throw on for an après-surf beer.

Wear for surfing, or for early morning dunks in the ocean. It looks fabulous, whilst being fully functional.

Buy here for €45


roxy rash vest

Roxy Bliss Long Sleeve Rash Vest - BUY HERE

Offering UPF 50+ to protect your torso, this top can be rocked in the surf or just taken for jaunt around town on errands.

Even if you’re boldly surfing in a rashie in Skegness, the print helps to conjures up a tropical paradise with pineapples studded all over.

Buy here for €35.00


billabong top

Billabong Surf Capsule Rash Vest - ORDER HERE

A retro rash guard featuring a jazzy bohemian print. Ideal to shield yourself from the elements (but watch those forearms in long sun-drenched sessions).

Order here for €35

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